Debutante's Wanted

There are still places available for our Debutante Ball on 24th October 2015. If you are turning 16 this year or older and would like to participate, Read more


Congratulations to Jordan Styles and Molly Styles on getting their Umpires National 'C' Badges today. This is an incredible achievement, well Read more

HVNA 40th Birthday

HVNA will soon be turning 40!! In preparation of this milestone, if anyon has any Wauchope or HVNA memorabilia that could be borrowed, please see Kim Read more

2015 Team List

Div 1 Kingfishers Coach: Narelle Stokes Tylah Bloomfield, Ocean-Lee Cole, Nicara Donovan, Tegan Holland, Emma Marsden, Jakeisha Scott, Jessica Slater, Read more

2015 Representative Players

Congratulations to the following Wauchope players that have been selected in the 2015 HVNA Representative Teams and Development Squads: 12's: Sara Read more

WNC Meetings

Upcoming meetings: 2nd March 2015 6.00pm Coaches Meeting Wauchope RSL 6.30pm General Meeting Wauchope RSL 26th May 2015 6.00pm General Meeting Wauchope Read more

Wet Weather

Wet Weather You will be advised on our Facebook page if any Saturday Games are cancelled due to Extreme Read more

Fixtures and Results

Div 2 7
S East Port Veterinary Hospital
 29  def by  42
W Bluebirds
Macquarie Park > Crt 06 
Div 3 7
PC Titanium
 29  def by  44
W Finches
Macquarie Park > Crt 03 
Div 3 7
PP Spirit
 23  def by  38
W Plovers
Macquarie Park > Crt 05 
Div 6 7
W Eagles
 4  def by  57
S Eels
Macquarie Park > Crt 07 
11B 7
PP Leaders
 11  def  6
W Lorikeets
Macquarie Park > Crt 01 
NSG 10A 7
W Kookaburras
 12  def  6
S Piranha's
Macquarie Park > Crt 01 
12Y 7
PP Roar
 40  def  1
W Bowerbirds
Macquarie Park > Crt 04 
NSG 10B 7
W Swifts
 7  def  2
PP Cubs
Macquarie Park > Crt 01 
NSG Returning 7
W Pee Wees
S Turtles
Macquarie Park > Crt 08 
NSG New Netta 7
S Boost Settlement City
W Willywags
Macquarie Park > Crt 08 
NSG New Netta 7
S Salt
W Lyrebirds
Macquarie Park > Crt 07 
Div 1 7
 0  def  0
W Kingfishers
Macquarie Park > Crt 06 
11A 7
PP Raiders
 4  def by  19
W Wrens
Macquarie Park > Crt 04 
13Y 7
PP Storm
 6  def by  22
W Rosellas
Macquarie Park > Crt 01 
Div 4 7
S Baskin Robins
 18  def by  42
W Bellbirds
Macquarie Park > Crt 04 

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